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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Tenga's Original products?
Yes, ours fully made in Japan by Tenga themselves.

I am in another country. How much is your product in USD?
When you purchase from our website, PAYPAL will do the conversion rate for you. For a rough gauge of how much you would be paying for the Tengas bought from this website, please visit http://www.xe.com/ucc/

Are your items 2nd hand products?
No way we are going to sell you used products. Hygiene and quality and our company image is at stake here. We also don't accept any trade-ins.

Can my kids use these products?
These are adult toys. We totally disagree with school going children and kids to use adult material.

Can i get STD and AIDS if i use your products?
STD and AIDS are transmitted thru human to human sexual contact if one party is already infected. Our toys do not carry STD or AIDS. A very important caution: DO NOT SHARE YOUR ADULT TOYS!

How would i know that you are not cheating my money by putting up a fake website?
Call me at +65 92388937. I make a living NOT by cheating.

Are you promoting sex?
We are only selling Tenga safe sex toys and would love to promote safe sex. Call us if you are interested to collaborate to spread the "PRACTISE SAFE SEX " message.

Would my husband/boyfriend get addicted to your toys?
Man want sex and that is a fact. Buy a Tenga for him and he would love you even more!

I have a question, whats your email address?
We can be contacted via email: tengaboys@gmail.com, tengaboys@tengaboys.com or via msn messenger at tengaboys@hotmail.com

What is the shipping charges?
The shipping charges for International customers has been factored in into the purchase price. For local (singapore) the delivery charges has been factored in into the purchase price as well.

  Delivery & Shipping Info and Terms

For Locals, POSB Banking transfer is now possible.
Whatsapp us at 9238 8937 for transaction info details.


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